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Nordic Skiing is a no cut athletic program. Therefore, any student-athlete that comes out for Nordic Skiing will be placed on either Varsity or Junior Varsity. The Varsity team will be comprised of ten (10) skiers and those team members will be based upon race times.


  • November 15 - Season Begins
  • Week of February 8th - Section 4A Championship
  • Practice time is generally 4:00 – 6:00, we meet at the cafeteria at South Campus or directly at the practice site if at a ski venue
  • North student-athletes will take the after school activity bus to South Campus
  • There is no shuttle bus running from the middle schools to South Campus
  • Once there is snow, we will take a bus (if available) from South to a practice area (usually Battle Creek Regional Park) and take the bus back to South, practice usually ends at 6:00. If a bus is not available, skiers will have to arrange transportation to practice.
  • The current meet schedule is at Suburban East Conference
  • Our races are 5K and change disciplines based on the race. There are couple of meets that are a little different such as pursuit which consists of a 5K of one discipline followed by a rest period and a second 5K of the other discipline with the second start time based upon the skier’s finish time in the first 5K. There is also the sprint relay in which two skiers alternate skiing a 1.5K loop three times each.
  • Most meets start at 3:45 and end around 5, there is a Varsity and JV race both for males and females
  • We use TeamSnap as our team management software, skiers and parents will be added to the site once registered for the team

Skiing Gear:
There are three places in the area that are great to go to, they give discounts to high school skiers and are knowledgeable! Finn Sisu, Joe’s, Pioneer Midwest

If it is your first year we have equipment that we can rent to you for $50. You will receive one set of boots, poles and skis. The equipment is used and fairly decent. It is a good way to get started with Nordic skiing.

  1. Skiers will eventually need Poles, Boots and Skis for Skate Skiing as well as poles, Boots and Skis for Classic skiing. You can get by with a combi boot, but will need poles and skis specific to each discipline.
  1. As for clothing, all you need is athletic wear that you can wear in cold weather and still workout, think winter running. Here are some examples of ski specific clothing, we recommend you purchase two pieces of clothing, LOBSTER GLOVES and SKI PANTS:
    1. Pants
    2. Lobster Gloves
    3. Jacket

White Bear Lake Nordic Ski Team Lettering Criteria

Every skier will have an opportunity to letter by meeting a variety of criteria to include: attendance, individual improvement, overall meet performances, and team membership. To earn a varsity letter for the White Bear Lake Nordic Ski Team, a skier must first attend 90% of all practices and accumulate a total of 100 points. Points are achieved in the following manner:


35 points if you have perfect attendance during the season.

25 points if you attended 90 – 100 % of all practices. 90% practice attendance means missing 5 or less practices.

Individual Improvement:
At the heart of Nordic skiing is personal improvement of all athletes on our team. This is measured by achieving personal best times (the very fastest time you ever skied a 5K) and is not available for first year skiers.

10 points if an athlete skis a personal best 5K classic time during the season.

10 points if an athlete skis a personal best 5K skate time during the season.

Meet Performance:
10 points per race in which you finish in the top ½ of skiers in the race.

Longevity Letter:
Any skier who has been on the team for 4 or more years and are in good standing with the team and the coaches will automatically letter.

Team Leadership:
Team Captain = 10 points, Appointed leadership positions = 10 points

Team Contributions:
Must be sanctioned by coaching staff, i.e. t-shirt design, bulletin board, practice activity, fundraising, volunteer work through Nordic. 10 points

A GPA of 3.5 or higher 10 points

Acts of Sportsmanship:
Witnessed by coaching staff or brought to the attention of coaching staff by an external witness (teacher, staff member, administrator, parent, official, etc.) in which an athlete has voluntarily demonstrated the above mentioned character or integrity. 10 Points

* The final decision for lettering will be decided by the coaching staff. Special circumstances may exist in which an athlete did not meet the lettering criteria, but was deserving of a letter.

**Any athlete violating the MSHSL drug, alcohol and tobacco policies during the season will forfeit their letter.

***Any athlete violating the MSHSL drug, alcohol or tobacco policies will be ineligible for one year after violation to be captain. Any captain violating these rules will resign as captain.

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Doug Cran

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